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So far, since the turn of the decade, it’s fair to say a lot has happened. It would be reasonable to believe everything that has happened over the last two years could have occurred over the entire decade! The global phenomenon that has catapulted into the spotlight and will surely drive our society into the future is that of digitization. Specifically, the combination of digital currencies like cryptocurrencies, and of course, the Metaverse.

Division 6ix is planning to act as a catalyst for the industry, sealing the cracks of this digitization and leveling up the gaming world along the way. Division 6ix is an esports organization based in London, United Kingdom. Currently, in their Pre-ICO stage for their digital currency, the D6ix Token. Like an IPO (initial public offering) where companies turn from private to public, an ICO is the Initial Coin Offering. The ICO will help raise money to create this coin and launch the rest of their offerings that we will blossom into the gaming ecosystem of every gamer’s dreams!

Before diving deeper into what Division 6ix will do for cryptocurrencies and the Metaverse, let’s first explain what a digital currency is. Digital currency is only available in a digital or electronic form, which is simple enough to understand. Think of how you get paid with direct deposit from your jobs and not in cash! Then, when you pay for your electricity, you send them money straight from your bank with a few clicks and never touching the physical cash involved! Despite individuals needing a computer or mobile phone to access digital currencies, as technology has advanced and costs have lowered (Moore’s Law), this technology is becoming more and more accessible every year! In fact, over the last ten years alone, the number of people worldwide that have internet access has almost tripled from approximately two billion to five-and-a-quarter billion! Of course, this still means billions worldwide don’t have access to the internet, and therefore digital currency. But as the number continues to grow, digital currencies make money more accessible globally and allow for exchanging said money to cost less and less over time. Typically, digital currencies do not require intermediaries, making them the cheapest method for trading and exchanging currencies.

Diving deeper, let’s cover cryptocurrencies. All cryptocurrencies are digital currencies; however, not all digital currencies are cryptocurrencies. So, what exactly is a cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that use cryptography to secure and verify all transactions made! Essentially, cryptography is a technique that secures digital communication by encrypting data from the sender so that only the intended recipient (with their unique key) can decrypt the data!

Furthermore, each cryptocurrency is different and has mixtures of unique features that provide them value. Regardless of their components, the cryptocurrency is not centrally owned. While these currencies are unregulated, they offer power to the users who collectively manage and control the product!

Now for the Metaverse. The Metaverse is the term coined for the internet that provides a virtual experience that individuals can partake in through their avatar. In which, you can indulge in all the wonders of the world from the comfort of your own home! For anyone familiar with the book (and now film) Ready Player One, you’ve already got the idea of what to expect of our future! In short, you can expect the Metaverse to shift the world from running on digital currencies to digital economies! Of course, this is still a distant future, but it’s in sight already and will be an excellent opportunity for new investments and companies to form, like Division 6ix. Because, who better to lead us into the next generation of the internet than the people who already live by it, the gamers!

Finally, before diving into the bulk of what Division 6ix is bringing to the world of digitization on behalf of gamers, let’s lastly address NFTs. Non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique ‘on-chain’ digital asset. Breaking it down, fungible, refers to its ability to be replaced by another identical object. If the object is replaceable by an identical object, it is not unique. Essentially, being non-fungible means, it is unique! Of course, there tends to be a certain value attached to anything unique. While physical objects are distinguishably unique, digital objects don’t have the same characteristics for filtering. Anything digital is easily copied or reproduced. That is, until now, with blockchain technology. As mentioned, the blockchain records information to make the asset impossible to alter, replicate, or hack! Since NFTs are ‘on-chain,’ they are a recorded and verified presence on the blockchain network, where their unique quality is verifiable! This security layer adds genuine value to digital content created and transferred over the blockchain.

Now that we understand cryptocurrencies, the Metaverse, and NFTs, we can highlight exactly what Division 6ix is going to offer! First, let’s start with their digital currency. The D6ix Token is the first fully functional, high utility cryptocurrency laying down the building blocks of the esports metaverse! As previously mentioned, cryptocurrencies are changing the way we fundamentally view money by opening the ownership to everyone, not just the banks. By taking this approach, the D6ix Token’s mission will shift how the esports ecosystem operates to a new, fair, and exciting alternative. In this new environment, earnings potentials are unlimited for top-dog esports athletes and the most prominent esports fans! Whether you’re winning your tokens through competitive tournaments and matches or wagers, the earnings are distributed in a more effective and meaningful way. Now, esports players can earn D6ix Tokens from spending a certain number of hours playing, streaming, and even watching streams! The more you support and interact in this environment, the more rewarded you’ll be.

Of course, the best part of this new cryptocurrency with Division 6ix is what it brings to the table in creating a new esports metaverse and Division 6ix ecosystem. In the Division 6ix Galaxy, D6ix tokens can be used as a utility to purchase virtual land for housing their very own virtual arenas, train players, and even enter tournaments to win trophies! These players can even go one step further and franchise their virtual semi-professional teams on the D6ix ecosystem. With D6ix Tokens being the only utility for the Division 6ix Galaxy Metaverse where users can trade esports NFTs and gems, much value can come from the rewards accrued over time!

Division6ix is looking to use this catalyst of technology and the societal shift towards them to hoist new and emerging talent in the industry. The esports industry has become saturated with so many pro players and content creators where the viewership is continuously funneled from the bottom to the top that it’s become extremely challenging to get the attention and make the money that some individuals deserve. By facilitating the development of players from the amateur level to the professional level, Division6ix believes that the esports scene can stay fresh with talent and competitions for years to come. Creating this structured pipeline to guide individuals down the path to pro will diversify the leaders of the industry and help it multiply! Division6ix hopes to do this by scouting and recruiting players to teams, and providing them with the tools to manage, schedule, and participate in tournaments. Having the option to reach out to teams as a challenge for rewards like gems allows players and teams the freedom to socialize and express their individuality in many ways. To add to the exclusivity of the Division6ix hosted events, players will have the chance to earn NFTs to hold profile status, validation, and even monetary value. Division6ix will operate in four-month-long “Seasons” with unique themes and events to partake in. These Seasons will conclude with semi-professional and

professional-grade players offered exclusive opportunities to compete in tournaments for the chance of being signed! Players can sign up for free for one of the seasons in any of the multiple games offered with varying prize pools that range from cash prizes to NFTs, and of course, D6ix Tokens. Once players register, they are ranked on the leaderboard based on their performance and placement matches. Performing players are promoted from Division 6ix amateur to semi-professional, and from semi-professional to the Division 6ix professional team. Alternatively, players who feel they can skip the line can go straight to the scouting process by requesting to be discovered for only 100 D6ix Token, equating to 4.99 pounds. Once submitted, wagers will be placed against semi-professional players in Division 6ix to compare their performances. If the player is successful, they will be drafted into one of the semi-professional teams with Division 6ix!

Clearly, Division 6ix has an outlined plan to provide power to the players that have the skill to compete on the big stage, but Division 6ix isn’t stopping there. Division 6ix is aware of the spotlight on content creation and the influence that comes with instantly recording, transmitting, and sharing information globally. So, Division 6ix has created a program for content creators called Divbot. Divbot is a cryptic mascot resembling the aesthetics of the infamous hacker image and The Frontman from Squid Game. Divbot works by pinning content creators against each other in regular ARG-styled races against time! These events harness the power of content creators by having their journey through the race broadcasted, where they compete head-to-head for exposure, money, and other rewards!

Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without a Division 6ix specific streaming platform. So, Division 6ix is planning to do precisely that. Emphasizing the rewarding of streamers and viewers alike, D6ix Tokens can be earned from streaming, interacting, viewing, and participating in streams! This entire process is designed to gamify progression within the esports academy and keep token retention high and players engaged. To do this in a fun and accessible way, Division 6ix’s base functions will be free to use with the ‘Freemium’ model, where players and viewers will be encouraged to spend their D6ix Tokens in-house.

To help keep a high volume of transactions intact, Division 6ix will encourage using D6ix Tokens in wagers. Wagers will provide a betting structure that is strictly limited to in-house operations and events performed with Divbot and the Division 6ix tournaments. The entire ecosystem revolves around interaction and volume. By promoting D6ix Token use, the ecosystem will thrive in the future of the Metaverse!

Division 6ix’s unique model for expansion can be broken down into five different aspects. The first is international growth. Originating in the UK, Division 6ix plans to colonize the world one territory at a time. Starting in Europe, Division 6ix is already planting seeds in the Netherlands and ready to spread out across Asia, Africa, Australia, and even across to the Americas.

The second is with merchandise growth. With Division 6ix merchandise already in existence, there is plenty of opportunity for continued growth and advertising the brand to new audiences. To help grow in this direction, Division 6ix is prepared to have seasonal rotations of merchandising that will embody the seasonal themes in the Division 6ix ecosystem with fun and unique collector’s items.

Third is cryptocurrency operational growth. Since the Division 6ix Galaxy is built around the Metaverse concept of virtual land (D6ix land), cryptocurrency operational growth must be enhanced for the virtual land to have value. To do this, D6ix lands of the Metaverse will be accessible, virtual-reality enabled,

esports hotspots where landowners can buy, and rent out their property to host mini-games, activities, and events, and of course, tournaments. Additionally, making the Gem marketplace accessible in virtual reality where custom NFTs can be created and traded. This infrastructure allows participants to market themselves as esports mercenaries, coaches, and players who can grow their unique brand via wagers and virtual avatars.

The fourth aspect of the expansion is the academy’s growth. Division 6ix’s dual-purpose academy serves as both a pipeline for players to gain exposure to cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency investing and the utility it provides the aspiring esports athletes. To accommodate this highly anticipated facet of the Division 6ix model, Division 6ix is committing to doubling the designated academy staff by the end of January.

Finally, where would esports even be without streaming platforms? That’s precisely why Division 6ix’s fifth point of interest for their growth plan is in the streaming platform market. Division 6ix’s streaming platform will have members link their D6ix token profiles to their accounts to earn D6ix tokens for simply watching and interacting with streams on the platform. Of course, players can go that extra mile and stream themselves to make even more D6ix tokens that scale with their audience over time! Like Twitch’s current system of channel points, D6ix tokens will reward viewers, but in a more concentrated and utility-focused direction. Having participants on the streaming platform earn for participating helps keep the entire ecosystem free and accessible while also maximizing interactions to have a more engaging experience. To date, there has been little-to-no competition with Twitch, but with Division 6ix’s approach, there is not only financial incentive for streamers but also the viewers.

Division 6ix has a lot planned to bring to the table for the esports industry. Division 6ix intends to connect esports, cryptocurrencies, and the Metaverse with their D6ix Token alone. How do we even know this is possible? That’s where the ‘Tokenomics’ comes in. Division 6ix has committed to a token allocation where the total supply of the D6ix token is pre-allocated to specific points. Nearly a quarter of the pool is allocated to deflationary burn. Deflationary burn is simply a technique where Division 6ix will buy back tokens from the market to send to a ‘dead’ wallet address. There, they will be gone forever and essentially be the equivalent of burning money. Thus, decreasing the total circulating supply and increasing the value of the remaining supply! Around one-fifth of the token supply is allocated to the Division 6ix ecosystem. One-tenth is allocated to listing the token on an exchange. A little more than ten percent is allocated to the pre-ICO process and another fifteen percent as reserves. The remaining fifth is allocated towards the private sales, ICO, and finally, the team and parents’ compassion. Furthermore, to fund the entire operation, the seed money is allocated between reserves, research and development (R&D), area and tournaments, esports expansion and acquisitions, game development, and marketing and customer acquisitions.

To continue expanding the outreach of Division 6ix, Division 6ix is committed to entering new opportunities as they emerge where additional revenue sources can present themselves. Of course, the ICO process will be a significant driving force in revenues, but there are three others to date. The second source of income for Division 6ix is in the embedded fees of the NFT smart contracts within the Division 6ix Galaxy. For every transaction occurring in the marketplace, a small percentage of the transaction will go to Division6ix to cover the cost of using the service. In this strategy, Division 6ix plans to have a high volume of trading and commerce because of the highly interaction-focused nature of the products and services that Division 6ix offers. Despite the per transaction revenue being so small, the sheer volume

will outpace the expenses involved in hosting these transactions and generate a substantial income over time as the project grows to international levels. The following revenue source is sponsorships. Division6ix will earn money from global brands interested in the esports, Metaverse, and cryptocurrency audiences partaking in the Division 6ix ecosystem by sponsoring D6ix tournaments, events, teams, and even individual players! Of course, the final source of revenue is through advertising. On the Division 6ix Galaxy marketplace, expect to see many goods and services for sale. With the goal of global adoption, the markets that Division6ix will have access to are expansive. In this market, companies can successfully penetrate new markets that cross borders and even languages via the streaming platform with D6ix, the social media feed, and of course, all the virtual space in the Division 6ix Galaxy.

Finally, let’s dive into the near future of Division 6ix by reviewing its roadmap for 2022. First, Division 6ix plans to launch their Initial Dex Offering (IDO) on the 1st of February. The Initial Dex Offering is a permissionless crowdfunding platform to raise money via crypto-asset exchanges. In March, Division 6ix will be launching the beta for the D6ix Galaxy. Later that month, Division 6ix will list on several cryptocurrency exchanges. In May, Division 6ix plans to launch the official D6ix Galaxy Marketplace, and shortly after, their first set of NFT collectibles. In June, Division 6ix is set to release their first set of gems, and in July, their first set of virtual esports lands in the D6ix Galaxy. Finally, in October, Division 6ix has planned to develop its Division 6ix streaming platform.

Ideally, if all goes according to plan, by early 2023, Division 6ix will begin video game development and start launching their virtual franchise packages for semi-professional teams in the D6ix ecosystem. Division 6ix aims to accomplish a lot in 2022, and the opportunities that will come from their success are genuinely up to the imagination. With Division 6ix and the D6ix Token, players can level up their gameplay backed by a cryptocurrency designed specifically for gamers, by gamers. Whether you’ll want to get access to one of the exclusive D6ix tournaments, invest in virtual land, or grow your crypto portfolio, think D6ix Token.

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