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Division 6ix

25 Cabot Square
E14 4QA
United Kingdom


Esports is a form of competition using video games. Esports often takes the form of
organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional
players, individually or as teams. As with traditional sports, Esports will also have a prize
pool for competitors.

Division 6ix is an Esports Organisation with six teams, or “Houses”, and an Academy. Our
mission is to make Esports accessible and help train the next generation of UK Esports
Stars. In short, we want to make Contenders turn Champions.

The Division 6ix Academy is our free initiative to help encourage interested gamers to
hone their play to a competitive level. Upon signing up players are given access to our
leaderboard, discord, exclusive resources and events. Players in our Academy who show
promise could be scouted for our professional houses.

Click this link and enter your name, gamertag, email and Date of birth! We won’t spam you
, though we do have a weekly newsletter you can opt-in to.

Yes. Our Season Pass is £20 every season (four months) and gives a player access to
heavily discounted coaching lessons, more exclusive resources and events.

With the season pass you are eligible to participate in premium tournaments with prize
pools up to £10,000. More leaderboard points available for season pass holders.
Merchandise discounts with the progression of the pass. A trip to our offices in London
and many more

There are many opportunities to earn money within Division 6ix such as tournaments,
placing high on the semi-pro leaderboard and other ways will be announced in the future.

From LAN friendlies, to online tutorials, to mixers and networking events, to videos.
Division 6ix announce our Academy events monthly, so be sure to sign up and keep an eye
on your calendar for upcoming events!


We currently compete in Fortnite, Valorant, Call of Duty, FIFA, Rocket League and CSGO.
Any games we add will be announced in the future.

The usual route players become professional with us is by joining our Academy and
climbing our leaderboard. Our House Leaders are always scouting from the top of our
leaderboard. In some exceptional circumstances we might sign players without any
Academy time, however we tend to prioritize raising and tutoring players rather than
signing champions.

The Division 6ix Leaderboard is point-based and currently operates on two principles.
Tournament Wins and Challenge Completion. Tournament wins are rather selfexplanatory, if you participate in a relevant tournament and provide us with proof of
performance, you will receive an appropriate number of points that reflect your
achievement. Challenges are a little more complicated, each season we will set a number
of challenges each worth their own respective point value. Challenges are a great way to
keep climbing the leaderboard even if players can’t find time to attend tournaments

After four months, at the end of a season you’ll get a chance to play in an in-house
tournament and depending on your performance, you can be signed as a salaried
Professional Player for one of our teams.

We have two separate houses for Content Creators, giving them funding and access to
exclusive events. Our houses are split by gender, Jade for the guys and Emerald for

Apply to our academy, and then get in contact with one of our Academy Managers with a
portfolio of your work and an outline of what you would be doing for Division 6ix.

What do I have to do to join a content creation house?

Keep making content! We’ll be giving you briefs and challenges, but we want our creators
to be entirely comfortable in their brand and its growth. We’ll be holding regular meetings
with our content creators to track their progress and abilities.

You can still do content creation if you're under a semi-pro house, but we expect players
to put competition as a priority and content creation after. If there is a drop in competitive
performance, then your place as a semi-pro is at risk